Modern Video Solutions for Business
How-To, Branded Content and Explainer Videos are just the beginning.  Video is a great tool, but is your company taking full advantage of its reach?   
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Trejo Media Productions Previous Work
Branded Content
This is an example of Branded Content.  The type of  content helps keep your brand stay relevant
In today's noisy environment.  This solution is very economical and can follow any storyline based on your fans interactions and most importantly your sales. 
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Company Documentary
This is an example of using a documentary style video to get your company extra attention.  Documentary style videos can give us a peek behind the scenes of company.  Share your story with your customers, and let them be part of your movement.
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How-To and Explainer Videos
Some products are so innovative, that the market just can't see it yet. Video is the solution.  Explain to your customers the benefits and how revolutionary your product is.  Demonstrate how to use the product, and how to get the best benefit out of their purchase.
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Court Deposition Videography
Now available for 2019, Trejo Media Productions has expanded to Videography duties for Court Depositions

Our high-quality video depositions are a step above the rest…  With over 15 years of  video production experience, we will produce the highest quality video and audio possible for our clients. We also provide the following legal video services:
  •  Video Editorial
  •  Video Synchronization
  •  Site Inspections and Day in the life videos
  •  Split-screen editing
  •  Full HD equipment
  •  High quality audio capabilities
  •  Video encoding and duplication
  •  Media Archiving
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